From Balmain to Boho chic for those in the know as well as those who just-don't know, Tessa and Anna will turn a shopping nightmare into an investment-dressing heaven, whatever your budget and time constraints.

It is vital that they have done a wardrobe pruning before they start the days personal shopping, so they have a clear picture, of you and your lifestyle, they will have discussed the budget so they can then start researching what styles and shops are best for you.

Firm believers in looking a million dollars, whether you shop in Prada or Primark, they will shop for the clothes that will suit your body, shape and lifestyle. From shop floor to changing room their honest opinions are presented constructively - a breath of fresh air if you're more used to shop assistants on commission, bored boyfriends or girlfriends who might not have your best interest at heart!!

Whether its Day to Disco, Handbags to Heel, Office to Oscars or Yoga to Yachts, they'll fill your wardrobe and find accessories to match.

As for Westfield they have done The Knowledge, let them be your Routefinder!

Please come with an open mind, be happy to experiment, and be willing to have fun!!